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The Professional Application Specialists welcome you to the official TTA Telecom U.S. LLC, website, illustrating the capabilities of our organization.

  The TTA Telecom U.S. team has been working diligently, over the years of our existence, to demonstrate to our partners the philosophy and quality of products that we offer to our customers.   The best way to determine our worth, for your project, is to contact us and let us prove that we truly can offer valuable assistance to your organization, saving you time and money.  

TTA Telecom U.S has been working very hard, over the last six years, to provide only the best, and most reliable, Satellite Communication products and Customer Support.  Through existing well-established links with the premier equipment suppliers in the industry, we are able to better support the needs of companies doing business, around the world, for their many current and future projects.  Our staff is dedicated to the success of our customers and their market.  Please feel free to contact the personnel of our organization to assist you with the equipment acquisition that you need to be successful and competitive.


Our team, along with our partners, has been participating in the communication industry for over 40 years and has an undisputed reputation as a high-quality supplier, and integration support, organization.  Suppliers to both commercial and military customers, the experience of TTA Telecom U.S. is extensive.   TTA Telecom U.S. has supplied, and supports, communication equipment to customers all over the world, not just the United States.  Once the application is described, TTA Telecom U.S. immediately begins to canvas the worldwide industry to insure that the best product solutions are offered for the project.


Please take the time to try TTA Telecom U.S. for your communication equipment needs as others, now customers, have previously.  This website was prepared for your benefit as we are dedicated to the concept of the “CUSTOMER IS KING”.  We appreciate your interest and business.  Without you, our customers, TTA Telecom U.S. would not exist, nor would we have become a significant source for all types of Satellite Communications products.Thanks for stopping by our website.